6 Aug
Presiding Bishop Urges Voter Registration

Dear Jurisdictional Bishops, National Departmental Leaders, and Pastors:

Earlier this year, the General Board and I launched a project entitled, The Presiding Bishop’s Absentee Ballot Initiative – An Episcopal Call to Political Responsibility. I solicited the support of all Jurisdictional Bishops, national leaders, and pastors throughout the Church Of God In Christ to ensure that eligible voters are registered, that those not attending the Holy Convocation participate in the voting process on election day and that those meeting us in St Louis for the Convocation vote through early voting procedures or by absentee ballot.

As part of this national initiative, I am requesting your full support during the following two weekends:

August 24-26: National Voter Registration Weekend

All COGIC congregations are asked to identify unregistered voters within their congregations, provide support in registering eligible voters and submitting voter registration forms to the proper authorities after the weekend.

October 26-28: National Absentee Ballot Weekend

All COGIC congregations are asked to identify persons that will not be available to vote on election day and ensure that absentee ballots are properly completed and turned in to the proper authorities after the weekend.

Please place a high priority on this initiative to maximize its effectiveness. For additional information and resources on the electoral process and the initiative, please visit www.cogic.org.

Developing consciences for the absentee ballot initiative is urgent. Please share this letter with pastors/churches in your area. The Church Of God In Christ cannot relinquish its socio-political responsibility for the common good and we must continue our goal of nurturing enthusiasm for the electoral process and to reach out to all eligible voters among our constituents.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr.
Presiding Bishop