Our Supervisor – Mother Alberta M. Baker

Supervisor Alberta BakerIn June 1964 at the Church of God by Faith, Mother Baker received the Holy Ghost and later she joined Jones Temple COGIC, Williston, Florida under the leadership of the late Superintendent J. J. Jones. 

She was appointed Secretary of the Williston District and Assistant Church Mother to Mother Freddie Miller. 

In 1969, the family moved to Tampa and she became a member of Brown Temple COGIC under the leadership of Elder J. B. Brown and co-pastor Elder W. W. Gilyard.  She was President of the Choir, Recording and Financial Secretary and Superintendent of the Sunday School. 

In the early 1970’s, she became the Evangelist Elect Lady for the Jurisdiction of Southwestern Florida as counterpart to Elder B. Broderick, Elder George Keys, Elder Dan Davis and Elder Steven Austin for twelve years. 

In 1983, she was appointed District Missionary as counterpart to Superintendent B. O. Walker and Superintendent Matthew Williams of the Pinellas District, which later became the Suncoast District for a total of fifteen years. 

In 1988 she became the founder and Mother-in-Charge of the Overcoming COGIC in Clearwater, Florida.  She served in that church for eleven years. 

In January 1999, she was appointed Jurisdictional Supervisor Designate of the Jurisdiction of Southwestern Florida and capped by Mother Willie Mae Rivers, International Supervisor of Women’s Department COGIC on July 10, 1999.